Industry Specific Platforms

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CRM’s specifically designed for various industries and sectors,

Travel & Tourism:

“Travel makes one modest, You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world” the quote says it all. Travel being one of the very important part of the global economy, there are numerous challenges to handle for the agencies.
Now with Technora & Kapture CRM you can get a smart travel and booking management platform also in Nepal. Our travel management system lets you integrate all your enquiry sources into a single platform via e-mails, telephones, websites, social media channels and helps you redirect all from one single platform. 
And with the cloud based travel management system you can also automate key tasks like – responding customer enquiries by creating automated email sequences, sending reminders.
The sales process also can be automated to a certain extent – wherein each time a lead is generated – it gets auto allocated to the concerned branch. For example – if an enquiry comes in for a trekking package – then the lead gets auto allocated to the sales team in charge of packages for trekking.


Hotels and hospitality being one of the most customer centric industry we have a product specially designed to provide a fully automated and robust platforms to our clients.
Our CRM makes sure that you don’t let inquiries slip between multiple email threads and follow-ups. Enable your sales team to run behind sales and leave the desk job on the CRM. From promotional mailers to template based auto replies, from proposals to rate cards, from booking confirmations to acknowledgement mails, from reminders to follow ups – automate every interaction and book more rooms in lesser time.
With our centralized inventory system create properties, add rooms and banquets to each property. Save important property information like room types with images, number of rooms available under each type and banquet capacity. Access inventory data in the form of a catalog from anywhere on the field. Allow easy showcase of your property to corporates/ travel agents simply through your mobile app. 


Customer Retention rate is a key element in the ecommerce industry. Flawless customer experience is a must to keep online buyers coming back for more and build trust on the e-store.

Omnichannel Support:
Using our cloud based CRM tools you can manage multiple ticket sources. Use the omnichannel ticket inbox to respond to phone, calls, emails, chats and social channels on a unified dashboard.

AI Driven Chats:
Automated chat workflow to direct queries based on order, refund, delivery, etc. to relevant team with preset templates. Get a conversation going with an internal chat plugin that engages website visitors. Set up automated chat workflows to resolve common queries, process refund requests and respond to product enquiries with automated self-service templates.

Plug n Play cloud telephony, IVR, EPABX configuration to monitor inbound and outbound calls. Call recording, Shift Management and agent monitoring from the platform. View customer details before answering the call and be more prepared.

Social Media Tickets:
Manage queries and tickets raised through Facebook, twitter and other channels. Reply from the single interface without logging into multiple accounts. Assign tickets raised to relevant department.

In App Messagings:
Connect your mobile app SDK and answer customer queries centrally. Route the queries based on issue type automatically. Never let a query go unanswered Route incoming tickets to the right department by connecting your Mobile App SDK with Kapture CRM.

School & Education:

Education CRM systems are meant to automate and manage communications with current students, employees, alumni, and donors – everyone in your institution’s community. Customer information, such as lead’s/customer’s name, gender, educational background, telephone, email, marketing materials, social media and any other relevant information. All of this paned across different channels is compiled into a single database enabling easier information access. This will also allow to personalize and customize messages to deliver them in a timely manner to the students.Every interaction which you have with your “customer” is tracked by the CRM, all in one place.

Education CRM system helps you in identifying major factors which become feedback for marketing, admissions or other departments included in the process. Furthermore, With an robust education CRM you can get the real time reports and analytics which can be effective for decision making. Apart from this you can track every aspect of a student’s lifecycle in your institution.

Some of the benefits of adopting a School CRM platform include;

  1. It lets you manage your leads, recruitment and student collaborations on a unified dashboard.
  2. It gives you a central view of every interaction and engagement with your students, alumni, and trustees.
  3. You can centrally store all the frequently asked questions in the School CRM system – so you’re employees have access to a knowledge bank of information to sort out queries and recruit students for your programs.
  4. The CRM for education industry has a student management system– to view the entire information of students. You can view all their activities, participated events, educational preferences and much more using the student profiles stored in the system.

The current online education market leader BYJU’S is using our Education CRM for their day today solutions.