How Your Company Can Accelerate Sales Using A CRM

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Increase your sales revenue and boost your performance

Sales is all about finding the right customers and converting leads.  CRM solution can fast track this process and help you automate your entire workflow starting from pre-sales till after-sales.

Omni-channel Dashboard: Capture leads via website, social media, emails, whatsapp, telephones and manage it through one unified dashboard.

Set Leads Actions: With an intelligent CRM solution you can automate leads actions like follow-up emails, reminders, calendar invites, alerts & notifications helping you convert leads faster.

Customer Interaction Data:
Customer interaction/conversation data can help you improve your customer experience and maintain high customer retention. 

Chatbots/Virtual agents/Self-serve: Automate responses and help resolve commonly asked questions. Enable your team to gather information from the customers in real-time. Our machine learning enabled bots will continuously help you improve your customer support system.

BI, Reports & Analytics: With more than 500 reports our robust CRM platform is inbuilt with advance forecasting and business intelligence tools that will help you identify your KPI’s & improve them.

Role Of AI: The role of Artificial Intelligence in the CRM is quite simple which is to automate routine tasks, to deliver fast responses to customers and to provide accurate insights to further business growth.

API Integration: Integrate any in-house softwares, ERP or CRM’s.


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