Seamless delivery management for e-commerce today powered up with automations

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Todays business is all about being on time and time equals money, in the present era of on-demand world where every second counts, you need to build your pace up & actually compete the running time. Especially dealing with a customer-centric model it is must that you roll up your sleeves and speed up your operations.

The idea is to maintain high retention rate and the only way it can be done is to value your customers satisfaction the most. There are many delivery management software available in the market but it is very important for your business to make the right decision while choosing the best suited option. But, things get simpler once you follow the process and look for a reliable automated solution.

Top features to look out for

Integrate order channels:
With an integrated order management dashboard you can manage seamless orders through multiple channels via web, mobile and others & take the process forward.

Automated task assigning:
It is important to have a system which automates the workflow from accepting the orders, assigning tasks to the field agents and assuring the on-time delivery.

Route optimization:
In case of multiple deliveries assigned to the agent it is very important to have a system which automatically optimizes the routes for your agent to deliver on-time along side maintain efficiency.

Automated dispatch:
Let your delivery system decide the assigning of deliveries to your field agents as per your requirements. Set your parameters to assign tasks based on the nearest agents, agents availability, agent vehicle type, no. of tasks completed by the agent.

Tasks expenses and agents earning:
It is very important for a business to be able to track the expenses and the earning per a task completion. This enables your team to optimize the operations and maintain efficiency by tracking expenses on distance travelled, telephone, fuel or others.

Agents, customers & managers mobile app:
Mobile apps enables the ability to perform tasks in a more organized and efficient manner. It is very important to have a delivery system compatible with mobile applications for your teams to save time and cost at the same time perform tasks faster.


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