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With the immense rise of e-commerce and digital platforms all around the world, it is a compulsion now for all businesses to have their online presence. Online market place can give you the access to a larger audience alongside offer round the clock order feature for your customers.

Setting up an Online store with SaaS platform is the fastest and easiest way to get your business online.

Easy Setup:

Our standard platforms are ready to use within few simple steps.
Unlike self-hosted platforms by freelancers, setting up an online store with our SaaS platform is way easier, you just need to sign up, set your account one time and you are ready to go live.

Reliable & Safe:

Online store with SaaS-based companies make sure that everything is protected with the best-in-class web host servers.

Millions of entrepreneurs are already using online stores with SaaS platform, where they are creating about a hundred orders an hour.

Experience Customer Support:

One of the most significant benefits of an online store with SaaS platform is that they have the best in class customer support.

The support team helps in setting up customers account, giving them proper product training and resolving their issues.

They make sure that your website is well maintained and running. These professionals are trained to support you 24/7. You report an issue and the team will get it fixed.

Orders & Product Management:

Get real-time orders tracking features with integrated multiple ordering channels via web, apps & others.

Manage your product listings and catalogs alongside product availability with advanced inventory management features.

Payment Gateways & Integrations:

Our Saas platform gets global payment gateways integration including Visa, Paypal, Mastercard & alongside local Nepali PG’s like Esewa, Khalti & more.

It also benefits the business because global gateways will enable entrepreneurs to accept payments from local and international customers.

Marketing & SEO:

With our inbuilt SEO feature help your potential customers to find your store using search engines. Our SaaS software will support SEO best practices like customizable H1, title, and meta tags.

With additional social media integration features you can onboard customers via social media and use data to run various marketing campaigns.

Other Integrated Features:

With multiple additional integration, you can accelerate your performance and enhance your customer experience.

Automated Logistics & delivery:

Having a delivery dispatch management dashboard with real-time tracking and with optimized routes will help your business to reduce the cost and keep an eye on all the orders shipped.

Chat Support:

Your customer can reach out to you when they are looking for more information or query redressal. Resolving customer queries plays a major role in building the brand image, customer retention and boosting sales.

In today’s competitive online industry it is very important for your business to have an extra edge over your rivals, which can be only done with a best suited robust online platform that meets your requirements.

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